What Is Locktober? How to do the Challenge?

What Is Locktober? How to do the Challenge? What kind of man would do locktober? How to start Locktober? 7 Rules of Locktober. Necessary Equipment Advice for Men and Women

What Is Loctober? How to do the Challenge?
What Is Locktober? How to do the Challenge?

What Is Locktober?

Locktober is the challenge that couples do each year to see how much sex controls their relationship. Sex is a wonderful part of a relationship. However, sex shouldn’t be the basis of interactions with your significant other. Locktober is a challenge to put his sex drive aside come together as one. During locktober, he will abstain from both sex and masturbation for the entire month of October.

Typically this is extremely difficult so most couples decide to use a device to help. That’s where male Chastity Cage (Cock-Cage) comes into the equation. Male chastity is the control of his orgasms for the benefit of your relationship.

How to do the challenge?

As you make your way through the month together, you will find that his hormonal balance changes significantly. How significantly? He will quite literally become a different guy as his body accepts his hormonal changes. As the month progresses, his male machismo will lessen and he will become a bit more submissive. Being submissive isn’t a bad thing and most guys would be well served to explore their submissive side a bit more.


Teasing is important, this isn’t about ignoring his penis and his needs for a month! This is about embracing physical needs but limiting the sexual release that he is accustomed to receiving at the end of each interaction.

Teasing and playing with his frustration is wonderfully fun. Emotions are so interesting and frustration is no different. The more you play and tease, the more amplified the effects will be.

What kind of man would do locktober?

Any guy who would let his significant other, lock his penis up is nuts!

I would argue that a guy who wouldn’t make a small sacrifice for his relationship is less of a man than a guy who would. The intimacy and the opportunity that you have to grow together are priceless! Of course, it will be a challenge for him and you will be there to comfort and guide him through the month with your support.

How to start Locktober?

This isn’t about some sort of weird fetish, it can be done just by asking him to keep his hands off his equipment for a month. Much harder said than done, most men will require some help to ensure that they don’t cut the month short. Luckily the “equipment” is easily and discreetly acquired online and delivered to your door. Just an inexpensive plastic resin cage is a great way to get started. The plastic ones are a great place to start and they come with a cute little key designed to keep him honest. As you can probably imagine, at first it will be uncomfortable for him and most guys will try to manipulate their way out of it.

After the first three days, everything will gradually improve until he subconsciously accepts it. After the fifth or sixth day, you will notice significant personality changes due to the hormonal changes mentioned above. You’ve got to remember, most guys have masturbated every day since he noticed the little thing dangling between his legs when he was a teenager.

Advice for Women

So, maybe you’re really into this already, and if so that’s great! But that’s definitely the minority of us! For most women, it’s a mixture of curiosity and quite possibly some serious doubts as to whether you want to try this at all.

The biggest benefit we’ve seen from exploring male chastity and cock caging is greater INTIMACY. To talk about sex, to be open about what we want, to spend a greatly increased time actually having sex (of sorts!), but more than that, the other stuff we love, kissing, cuddling, him touching us, being romantic, attentive, helpful.

Second on the benefits, orgasms, lots of them, for women. And not just okay orgasms, I’m talking about mind-blowing oral sex on a scale I didn’t think possible. And he WANTS to do this, like, asking me, desperate to go down on at times.

Third, it makes you think about sex lots more which is great and we supplement that by having shared private accounts such as Tumblr.

Advice for Men

So most men will have been the instigators of this, it may be you’re just curious about male chastity or you are crazy into it, either way, Locktober is a great opportunity to actually initiate or takes things further with your partner.

While it seems counterintuitive that locking up your cock would lead to more sex, I’m talking about more than just fucking. It’s going to force you to be more creative and look to giving her pleasure in new ways, and she will LOVE that. She’ll likely be hornier and more up for things than you’ve ever known her – once she gets used to the idea at least. And it’s also very empowering for women to know they can say no to sex and that’s actually part of the game.

Exploring a changing dynamic – women predominantly fit into him being the dominant sexual partner and women being the submissive one, and they still love that. But obviously caging the cock changes that to a degree. Not hugely though, and this is not how everyone would do it, he still has the ultimate say in what’s happening. And that’s why you should be doing this because it’s working for both of you.

Advice for Submissive Men

Now a lot of guys into this are obviously more on the submissive side, and that’s probably even easier as having your cock locked up and being made to focus on your partner’s needs will come naturally to you. Just be aware that if you are submissive it’s very easy to get carried away and want to go further, faster than your partner is comfortable with.

So try to just encourage all she does, and look to pleasing her as your focus and you’ll find with the increased intimacy and communication you should naturally find a level of denial and chastity that works for you both. This is NOT the green flag for every one of your fantasies to immediately come true, sorry! Focus on the stuff that brings you closer – which all the Locktober tasks should, and help your partner see how great it can be for them to indulge this side of you.

7 Rules of Locktober

  1. This is about having fun – if you’re not enjoying it, talk about it and fix it so you are!
  2. If in doubt, lock it up. If the choice comes for you to let him stay out or to lock him up, by default you are to cage his cock unless you have a good reason not to.
  3. Be flexible. These are just suggestions, feel free to adapt to what works for you and maybe to reschedule if the timing just isn’t working out
  4. She cums, every day – that’s the objective, while he is caged and denied, the other side of the coin is the woman is to cum or be made to cum every day – we want to build that as a good habit!
  5. No masturbating without permission – the man is not allowed to masturbate himself in or out of the cage
  6. No cumming unless you say so – unless you say he can cum he is not allowed, even if you are the cause of it! It’s HIS fault (lol).
  7. All unauthorised orgasms must be ruined (be strict on this!) and if you want even stricter you can agree in advance he has to eat it too. (Yep, kinda gross but the concept turns a lot of guys on – before they actually cum, and it’s a genuine disincentive for them to go over – but if you agree it you have to make them do it or it’s pointless).

Necessary Equipment

  1. You will need a cock cage!
  2. A good lube for wanking him with
  3. Some kind of restraints to use in bed (you can just try it with silk scarves but the velcro strap ones are great and so easy to use.

Optional extras

  1. A strap on if you want to explore having sex with him still caged
  2. Butt plugs can be fun too, but very optional
  3. Cock rings are very useful for keeping him hard and sensitive


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