What is a Reluctant / Forced cuckold? Types and Scenarios

What is a Reluctant / Forced cuckold? Types and Scenarios where man is forced to accept becoming a cuckold beta man.

What is a Reluctant / Forced cuckold? Types and Scenarios
What is a Reluctant / Forced cuckold? Types and Scenarios

What is a Reluctant / Forced cuckold?

A reluctant or forced cuckold is a husband or boyfriend who is not willing in letting his wife/girlfriend have sexual or intimate relations with another man like usual Cuckolds. These men because of different circumstances or by his wife/girlfriend or even another man are forced to accept his position of becoming a cuckold.

Warning: Please remember that we do not encourage anyone to apply any of the scenarios. Some of them can have devastating results or may even count as criminal actions so either party may face legal consequences.

Forced Cuckold by Hotwife

Most cases of reluctant or forced cuckolding happen because of the Hotwife who is cheating or having an affair. In all of the scenarios, the husband either by accident or by plan learns that his wife/girlfriend is being unfaithful but unwillingly accepts his place.

Femdom Cuckolding

This happens in femdom relationships where the female either by agreement or because of her attitude is dominant in the relationship. She male apply various sexual acts on her male partner such as Erotic Sexual Denial with Chastity Cage (Cock-Cage), Edging and Ruined Orgasm to torment his sexuality. Most of the passive male partners enjoy these and they enjoy Humiliation as well.

In some extreme femdom relationships, she can go as far as introducing a man to fuck her in front of her husband/boyfriend. Since she is dominant, she doesn’t see any necessity to inform him or get his opinion so the husband/boyfriend is forced to accept becoming a cuckold as well. Most of the passive husbands accept their position or they may even enjoy it. The woman can prepare her husband/boyfriend with some bondage on a chair so he can’t interfere or even masturbate to the action.

Love Affair of Wife

Some cheating wives may start a side relationship but they feel powerful enough in the relationship that they may know their Beta Male husband about their affair. The husband may previously be suspicious and be Oblivious Cuckold but as they learn the reality, they either have to consciously accept becoming a cuckold or leave the relationship.

Dissatisfaction of Wife

This is very similar to the previous scenario but this type of wife starts cheating just because of sexual dissatisfaction by their husband. This happens a lot without the husband’s knowledge but in some rare cases, the wife may come clean and force the husband either to accept becoming a cuckold or divorce.

This may sound crazy but there are many beta and passive husbands who find their wife out of their league may accept this situation.

Cuckolding Revenge

This type of forced cuckolding is not related to the sexual attraction of a wife or girlfriend to anyone perse. Mostly it is about something awful that the husband/boyfriend did such as cheating with another woman. So the wife/girlfriend arranges another man to fuck her in front of her man. So in this way she feels that she got back to him by getting sexual revenge and forcing him to watch.

The woman may tie him up again or record the sex act and force him to watch. Even just telling him that she slept with another man can have the same shocking effect on the man and he has to either accept or leave.

Forced Cuckold by Bull

Rape Fantasy

Some women have a rape fantasy that they never want to become a reality. But some couples may try to role-play this with another man as her bull.

In some rare cases, the woman or the man may arrange someone without the other ones’ knowledge for the rape fantasy. This is a very extreme case that can cause severely relationship-wise or legal consequences. Any type of role-playing should be in agreement with every person involved.

Bullied Cuckold

There are situations that a man may get bullied or even bitten by another man. This may even get further for the bully to want to have sex with his wife/girlfriend forcefully. Even though there are rare cases that the woman may enjoy having sexual relations with someone who dominated her man physically, but this is not something regular and is mostly used as a fantasy or role-playing in cuckolding relationships.

Circumstantial Cuckold

There are various causes that a man may accept becoming a cuckold because of different circumstances. Such as financial reasons and accepting his wife/girlfriend becoming an occasional CAM girl or even an escort. There are other circumstances such as paying debt or rent. The majority of these are temporary because the husband/boyfriend is not willing to accept becoming a regular cuckold.

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