How To Become A Cuckquean as a Married Couple?

How To Become A Cuckquean as a Married Couple? What is a cuckquean? What Is A Cuckcake? Steps, benefits, and risks are explained in detail.

How To Become A Cuckquean as a Married Couple?
How To Become A Cuckquean as a Married Couple?

What Is A Cuckquean?

A cuckquean is a married woman who gets aroused seeing her husband having sex with other women. You can say it’s the female equivalent of a cuckold. Or the opposite of cuckolding.

Before you get angry and think it’s cheating, you should know everyone involved has consented. Both parties agreed and set boundaries – just like with cuckolding. Read for more here: Definition – What does Cuckquean mean?

What Is A Cuckcake?

The Cuckcake is the mistress, side-dish, or third wheel in this relationship type. Simply put, it’s the sex partner of your husband in your cuckquean experience. If there’s a cuckquean, there’s always a cuckcake.

How To Become A Cuckquean as a Married Couple?

You just don’t pull a switch and instantly become a cuckquean. In my case, it took a while to build courage, and seeing your husband with other women is not something that comes naturally. Not even for me.

However, after all the cuckolding we’ve done in our open relationship, why not give it a try. I’m open to possibilities that can level up our sex life as husband and wife.

But before you start, it may help get guidance from couples like us who tried it before. Hence, here are some things you should know on how to become a cuckquean:

Discuss With Your Partner

It’s essential to be open about sexual fantasies with your boyfriend. How else will he know all your desires, right? So, the first thing is to discuss the topic openly.

Discussing the topic with him was easy. Mainly because we already talked in length about cuckold fetish before.

Watch Cuckquean Porn Videos

You can watch cuckquean-inspired videos or live webcams as part of your research. I’ve watched this type of porn hundreds of times to assess if it’s something I want to do.

I do have to admit. I was insecure at first. Picturing him with other girls didn’t get me super excited, but after some research, I realized it was something I wanted to try!

Browse Dating Sites Together

After agreeing to do it, we looked for the ideal woman on AdultFriendFinder and Ashley Madison. We didn’t want to include someone we knew or some stranger we picked up from the street, so we checked out these popular dating sites instead.

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Define The Rules

Like other sex acts, we discussed the rules and terms for cuckqueaning. We defined strict rules to ensure we didn’t cross the line or hurt each other.

I liked how open-minded we talked about the rules before, during, and after the whole act. I told him what I wanted, and he did the same.

We decided he should play the dominant role while the girl plays a submissive wife role. Also, the first time I was just going to watch the action. However, eventually, I could be a part of the action, too, as long as he allows me to join.

Meet In Public First

After looking for a submissive cuckcake online, He and I found someone we both like. The young woman was bisexual, just like me, making me feel better.

We first met at a café to see if we hit it off. And I got to say, the girl was pretty, sexy, and above all, friendly. We talked about so many things, and after a while, we left and told her we call later.

We had found our cuckcake, and we were so excited to spend time with her.

Have The First Sexual Encounter In A Hotel

The best option for everyone involved is to first meet at a hotel. Being on the neutral ground will make everyone feel more comfortable and secure. Add to the fact; that I don’t need to prepare the house, change the sheets, and more.

Practice Safe Sex

You’re doing this with a stranger, so safe sex is a must. I told him to use a condom, and the cuckcake was also very strict about that. She had mentioned condoms already during our first discussion.

Use Proper Aftercare

Practicing safe sex isn’t enough. You also need to perform proper aftercare. Typically, he showers afterward, and sometimes I join him, too. It’s also crucial to dispose of used condoms, and if we’re doing it at home, make sure we change the sheets.

I also discuss the whole experience with him. We take time to talk about what we liked and what we disliked. This way, we can improve and try to do better (or avoid it altogether) the next time.

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Benefits Of Being A Cuckquean

For somebody conservative, you must be wondering why cuckqueaning in the first place? Isn’t catching your partner with another girl a harrowing experience? Something that can break your relationship?

The fact is, the cuckquean lifestyle isn’t for everybody. For example, if you’re possessive towards your man, this isn’t for you. But if you’re an adventurous and open-minded person like us, there are many benefits you can get from a cuckquean fetish.

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Risks With Being A Cuckquean

Now when you’re aware of the numerous benefits of being a cuckquean, you should know the risks involved. Honestly, there are risks. And here are some of them:

It Can Introduce Jealousy. Seeing your man fuck another girl can be too much for some women. Cuckqueaning can introduce jealousy, especially if you’re very possessive. And it’s sometimes easy to get jealous, especially if you start entertaining thoughts that the cuckcake is prettier than you or that your man is enjoying himself more with her.

Your Boyfriend Could Leave You For The Cuckcake. There’s always a risk your man will leave you for the cuckcake. Unfortunately, you just have to embrace this fear because, sadly, anything can happen. But I trust him, and he trusts me. However, we try to meet different cuckcakes as much as possible to reduce this fear.

You Can Get STDs. Cuckcakes are strangers, and you don’t know their backgrounds. So, practice safe sex at all times, plus proper aftercare!

Source: My Sextoy Guide