How a British Guy Turned His Wife into a Hotwife

How a British Guy Turned His Wife into a Hotwife is a Cuckold confession of a young married man who enjoyed his first sloppy seconds with his wife.

How a British Guy Turned His Wife into a Hotwife
How a British Guy Turned His Wife into a Hotwife

This is a true story based on my own experiences, plus a little touch of artistic license. After all, in erotic fantasy, no one ever farts.

About Me

I’m a white male in my mid 30′s at the time living in the Yorkshire area of the UK, with my wife and two young children. Life for us is unremarkable, but for the most part, worry-free. A steady routine of work, school, and family life means we are all happy and contented.

My wife and I have been married for over 10 years now. But we have known each other for much longer, from back when we were childhood friends. I’m pleased to say in all that time our relationship has only grown closer and more committed. But more recently a few cracks have started to show because of my interest in Cuckolding, Wife Sharing, Polyamorous Relationships (Polyamory), and Open Marriages.

The Beginnings Of My Fantasy

I can recall clearly where and when I first discovered the world of Cuckolding. It was sometime after my wife and I moved into the house we now call home. At that time, I would have been in my mid-twenties, and like many men, I would explore internet porn, from time to time. As you might have guessed it was online that I unintentionally found Cuckolding material, having found my way there from a video claiming to be someone’s cheating wife.

Well, I do remember being bemused by the notion that a husband would want his wife to be with anyone other than him. The inquisitive sort that I am started to read about the subject to find why anyone would enter into such an arrangement. It was then I started to understand that it was much more than sex for these people. In fact, I found there to be many countless aspects that might be at play. Everything from a husband’s desire to see his wife satisfied, to the empowerment of the wife, and a testament to the strength of trust in a couple’s relationship.

The idea had been planted in my mind and I found myself contemplating the ramifications of these new concepts. I found myself asking how I would react if my wife wanted to take a lover. Would I be angry or open-minded? Do we have a trust strong enough in our relationship to even consider doing something like that? So many questions churned inside my mind. But at this stage, I was still uncertain about sharing these new ideas and feelings with my wife.

Time passed and I continued to explore these open relationships online. Slowly becoming familiar with the sometimes subtle but very important conceptual differences. All the while not telling my wife anything of my newfound interest for fear of her reaction.

The Fantasy Takes Hold

The ideas I had accidentally discovered had now taken root and it was clear that this was no longer a curiosity for me but a full-blown fantasy, and one I was anxiously wanting to share with my wife. My silence was finally broken when like any couple, we hit a bump in our sexual relationship. With young children and the responsibilities of domestic life the heat had simply gone out of our sex life.

It was after we had talked about how to spice things up again when she confessed to me that sex was just not doing it for her as it used to. I started to subtlety ask questions about her darkest fantasies. Trying to see if I could find any new common ground to rebuild a sex life. As it turns out; the wonderful thing that she is can read me like a book. So, it was not long before I was on the back foot facing questioning from a wife who demanded to know what I was not asking her.

Well, I came clean about how I found these ideas and how they developed into this big fantasy that I wanted her to join me in. To my surprise, she was not offended or upset and it proved to add a bit of spark back into our lovemaking.

Pandoras Box

We had toyed with the fantasy in the bedroom for some months. Imagining ourselves in different cuckolding settings and roles. I found that this only increased my yearning to turn what was a harmless fantasy into something far more real. So, I asked my wife if we could explore this together in a more real sense. I felt a crushing disappointment when she told me that it was only a bit of bedroom role-play, and she had no desire for it to be anything more than that.

Looking back, I now understand what I did was a mistake. Over the space of the next few weeks, I pleaded and cajoled my wife into try living this fantasy if only just once. That would be something I would later come to regret doing. In the end, she relented. But if she was going to go through with this, then she would be the one in charge of the situation, and rightly so.

The First Time

It was agreed that if my wife was going to go ahead with this plan, she did not want me to be involved or indeed present for the first time. Partly because she was uncertain of my commitment to the idea, and partly in case of her own embarrassment should anyone get cold feet. We set up a profile for her online which received near-instantaneous responses. My wife made her choice, we took precautions for her safety, then just like that arrangements were made for my wife and another man to meet at a bar in town.

I will always remember how my heart felt like it would beat out of my chest as I drove her into the city that night. It was both scary, exciting, and erotic. I could see by her expression that my wife was feeling the same rush as well. In her most flattering dress and heels, she was looking stunning. We kissed, I told her how much I love her, to enjoy the evening, and above all keep her own safety in mind.

Throughout the evening we kept in touch with regular text messages. The guy was nice and charming, and they were having a good time drinking and dancing. As the night rolled on, I sent a text to ask how she was and if he had tried anything. He had held her close while dancing but nothing more than that came to the reply. The time was approaching when I was planning to be ready to pick her up if for any reason she did not want to stay out. But she was having a wonderful time and besides his hands were getting lower and lower each time they danced.

“Do you think you’ll be spending the night out?” I asked.

“Leaving the club now. Walking to the hotel, going to stay a while and have another wine.”

“Ok let me know when you get there.”

There would be no more text messages for the rest of the night.

A Restless Night

I lay on our bed phone in hand waiting to receive any message from my wife. But as the clock pushed past midnight it became clear she was not going to respond to my frantic texts.

Oh, God! That could only mean she’s going to spend the night with him.

My imagination raced as images of them together in that hotel room flashed past my mind’s eye. I was far more aroused than I would have believed. It was not long before I was masturbating alone on our bed, while my wife was in the arms of a strange man. It had been a long time since I orgasmed so hard, and having done so I began to wonder where my wife’s date would cum. Would he grab her by the hair holding his dick deep in her mouth, forcing his cum down her throat? Or perhaps he would pull out, rip the condom off, and cum all over her tits and face?

Oh my God! Condoms, did she take condoms?

She had. I recalled asking her about it while we were driving into town.

“You’re certain you have everything you might need tonight, sweetheart?”

“Yes, I’ve got it all sorted.”

“You did pick up some condoms, didn’t you?”

“Yes, yes. Two lots just in case. But you never know I might not need them.” She teased, giving me a mischievous look.

The realization that my dearest wife might be allowing a stranger to cum deep inside her pussy at this very moment was more than enough to fire up my libido again, and for the second time that night I came with a shuddering climax.

I laid there basking in the afterglow of one of the most intense orgasms I’ve ever experienced. It was pushing on for the early hours of the morning now, and I still hadn’t received any texts or calls from my dear wife. It began to dawn on me that I didn’t even know which hotel they had gone to, and if she was indeed in trouble, I’d have no idea where she was.

I have never experienced a panic attack before, often being the most level-headed person in any situation. But looking back now I see that’s what happened to me. My mind went into full meltdown.

What if this guy was some sort of predator preying on women, he found on dating sites? It was not as far-fetched as I’d like to have believed. You hear about this sort of thing all the time on the news.

I sent another text followed shortly by a phone call. Only to receive the automated message that the phone I was trying to call was either out of service or turned off. Shit, this was not part of the plan. We had agreed that she would leave her phone turned on constantly so at the very least if she needed to, she could call.

My anxiety and panic had now overtaken me. Unable to sleep I found myself pacing around the house, periodically staring at a phone with no new messages on it. What felt like an eternity passed as I tried to reassure myself that my wife is a grown woman and could handle herself should she needed to.

I placed my phone back onto its charger and laid back down on the bed trying to force myself to rest. A quick glance at the bedside clock showed that it was 3:30 am now, over 4 hours since I last heard anything from my wife. The phone pinged, I leaped out of the bed and scrambled across the bedroom to grab it. My heart skipped a beat when I saw it was a text from my wife, it read.

“Safe. Sleeping now c u in the morning.” Winky face emoji. Heart emoji.

The sigh of relief I gave was almost tangible. Thank God she was alright if anything had happened to her, I would’ve never been able to forgive myself. Having personally hand-delivered her into the arms of another man. Reassured that she was now alright my panic subsided, and I was finally able to sleep.

The Morning After

I sat in my car, parked in a shopping complex car park on the outskirts of town, eagerly waiting to pick up my wife. I did not know what to expect I knew that she was safe and had messaged to let me know she was making her way to meet me.

What do you say to your wife after she’s just had sex with another man? I was worried that something might have gone wrong and that she would be angry, and I half expected an argument when she turned up. But my fears were short-lived.

I saw her some distance down the road making her way towards the car park. Even at this distance, I could see the beaming smile on her beautiful face. By God, she looked amazing, a real hot mess, last night’s cocktail dress, high heel shoes, and the sunrise light streaming through her disheveled hair. I had heard about the walk of shame before but I’d never actually seen it. But my wife was putting on a fine display this morning.

I got out of the car and walked at full pace to meet her. Not knowing what to do in the situation I simply threw my arms around her, kissed her deeply, and said “I love you”. We got back to the car and took our seats, and I was buzzing with questions.

“So?” I asked probingly

“I know you want to talk, but not here. Take me for some breakfast first, ok. Then we’ll talk.”

I took us to the best café I could find. After all, if your wife has sex with another man at your request, the least you can do is buy her a good breakfast afterward.

We talked, and she explained how her date was a businessman who travels from town to town. Using online dating apps to set up one-night stands while he is away on business.

She went on to describe how after they got back to the hotel room they continued drinking and flirting. They sat on the edge of the bed and kissed. His hands slowly worked up her side and gently cupped and caressed her breasts. She reached down to undo his fly and took out his now rock-hard cock and began to stroke it.

“How big was he?” I whispered trying not to be overheard by anyone.

“Oh, I don’t know. Let’s put it this way he was certainly much bigger than you have ever been.”

He had now unhooked her dress from her shoulders and let it fall to her waist. She continued to stroke his cock as they both kissed each other deeply.

She described then how she got on her knees in front of him and began to give him a blow job. Something she’s never done for me the entire time we’ve been together. I was hard and straining against my jeans as she went on to tell me how he picked her up and dropped her onto the hotel bed. Quickly forcing his head between her legs, peeling her now moist, knickers to one side, he began lapping her pussy with his tongue.

“He was so good at eating pussy I almost came straight away.” She said.

“You cum when I lick you too.” I objected.

“Yes, but not like that, it was just different you know.”

She then told me how he stood up and put a condom on himself while telling her to take off her wet knickers. He pushed slowly inside her parting her vagina lips, and she came as he reached the peak of his length.

“Then what?” I asked

“Well, what do you think we fucked like animals, and he made me cum so many times I lost count.”

“Surely there’s more to it than just that?”

“Well he did want to do anal, but I didn’t want that. So, I stopped him there. But he did keep trying to play with my arsehole with his fingers”

“Wow, you’ve never let me do that. How was it?”

“I think I could like it. Might be something I’d try again”

“Again, so there’s going to be a second time.”

“No, I don’t think so!” She snapped

“But why not? You’ve had a great time by all accounts.” I said while trying to signal that we should lower our voices.

“That’s not the point you asked me to do this and I did. I’m not some slut so don’t get your hopes up for anymore.” Came the crushing blow.

This was not how I imagined things going. Admittedly after that things became somewhat frosty. My wife and I kept a safe distance from the impending argument while going about the rest of our day.


After that first encounter, the entire cuckolding subject was simply swept under the rug. Neither of us could approach the subject for fear of argument, and weeks turned into months as we pretended it never happened. Whenever I attempted to raise the subject I was met with deflection, stonewall denial, and irritation.

My own frustration building had now turned into anger. I had wanted us both to experience this cuckolding fantasy together. But having just begun to truly explore it the entire subject was then made taboo and unapproachable. I finally drew up the courage to confront my wife, convinced of the unfairness that she had been the only one to have experienced “my” fantasy.

Oh, what a fool I was. Little did I know then the hurt that decision would bring our entire family. After much trying, I had finally persuaded my wife into giving this cuckolding fantasy a second try, and just like before if we were going to do this, she would be the one in control.

What followed over the next few months was a string of disappointments and let-downs. It appeared that we had been lucky in meeting our traveling businessman that first time. The simple logistics of finding and arranging to meet another man as a couple seemed insurmountable, and then we were found by Dean.

The Bull

Dean was the man who would change everything for both of us going forward. Unlike the many other failed hook-ups Dean had no qualms about fucking my wife while I watched from the sidelines. He made contact via online chat and asked my wife out for drinks, in an initial meet and greet. The plan was they would meet, chat, and see if they hit it off. If so, they would arrange a more intimate meeting from there. This went smoothly, my wife came home having met Dean for the first time. She told me how he was a really nice guy, that I would like him, and they had agreed that Dean would visit us both at our home that coming Friday night.

The big night came and preparations were in full swing. Our children were spending the night with their grandparents so we had the house to ourselves. Nervous energy was building for both of us as we made the house presentable and put fresh sheets on the bed.

“So, we’re changing the sheets. I assume you have every intention of fucking this guy then?”

“Unless you’re going to stop me.” Came the playful reply.

We sat on the sofa half watching the TV waiting for Dean to arrive. The tension of the moment was just too much to resist. We kissed and made out like a pair of horny teenagers. My wife unbuttoned her trousers, took my hand, and placed it on her crotch.

“I can’t wait.” She said. “Finger me before he gets here.”

I have never felt my wife as wet as she was at that moment. Her sexy silk panties did nothing to hold back the flood of hot moisture. As I slowly slipped my fingers inside her the back of my hand became wet from the damp already soaked into her tight-fit jeans.

“I hope you’re ready for this.” She whispered through a moan. “I’m so worked up I’m going to fuck him even if you don’t want me to.”

I didn’t answer but responded by kissing her deeply while pushing my fingers deeper inside her. Not long after there was a knock at the door. We took a few moments to compose ourselves and straighten our clothes before my wife, giddy as a school girl ran to answer the door. Seconds later my wife leads this stranger into our living room arms wrapped around each other’s waist.

“Sweetheart this is Dean, Dean my husband.”

I could instantly see why my wife had taken a shine to him. He was tall, athletic, handsome, and had a charming smile. In terms of physique, I was hopelessly outclassed by this man. It soon became clear from his lack of nerves that this was not the first time for Dean. He had evidently done this sort of thing before and had an air of confidence that only comes with experience.

“Hello. Well err, I’ll get some drinks then.” I said gesturing for them to sit.

They both made themselves comfortable on the sofa as I made my way to the kitchen. As I poured wine for us all I could overhear faint chatting and the odd giggle, but could not make out what was being said. I came back with a glass of wine in each hand to find my wife and Dean were already well started, arms wrapped around each other kissing. Dean with one hand on the back of my wife’s head lightly grabbed handfuls of hair as they deeply French kissed.

“Oh,” I said slightly startled.

I placed the glasses down on the side, neither of them responding to my return. I knew what to expect, and knew this would happen, but still, I was taken aback by how quickly things were moving. I silently sat into the armchair across the room transfixed by the beautiful skeptical in front of me.

The two of them kissed and ran their hands over each other as we had done just moments before. Dean would cup my wife’s breasts in his hands caressing them at the same time kissing her neck. While I watched in awe all I could think was how wet her pussy was even before they had started, and I wondered how it must feel now. I didn’t have to wait long for the answer.

Responding to Dean caressing her breasts, my wife let out a few soft moans before she reached down with a free hand. She began to trace the outline of Dean’s hard cock as it clearly strained against the fabric of his jeans. Even with his pants on and from where I was sitting, I could tell Dean was well blessed. Dean’s hardon was all the signal either of them needed. My wife silently stood up, took Dean by the hand lead him out and up the stairs to our bedroom, with me following behind. Not a word was said by anyone, but the entire atmosphere was screaming with sexual tension. There was no stopping this now, not that anyone wanted to.

We all entered the bedroom my wife and Dean stood next to the bedside and continued kissing. I made my way in closed the door and sat on a small seat we had placed in the corner of the room near the bed’s foot. At this point, I was not sure the two of them were even aware of my presence, but I sat and remained silent not wanting to sap any heat out of the moment.

They broke the deep kiss and my wife rested her head against Dean for a moment while she took the time to take in some much-needed deep breaths. Having caught her breath, she looked up at Dean and I thought they were about to kiss again, but no. Without a word and not breaking eye contact she ran her hands down Dean’s sides while she slowly lowered herself onto her knees. I could not believe what was about to happen. For the longest time, I had pleaded with my wife to give me a blow job like this. But she had always refused to tell me that was just not her thing. But here she was about the suck Dean’s cock without so much as a word between the two of them.

Dean undid his belt and button as my wife unzipped his fly. They let his jeans fall around his feet as Dean freed his massive cock from his pants. He was large, big enough that my wife could wrap both hands around his length and still have the tip of his dick exposed. So that’s what she did. With both hands, she slowly rubbed his length up and down, while at the same time she gently sucked and licked the head of his penis. Just watching I could feel how good that must have felt, and for the first time Dean began to groan with pleasure.

My wife continued to suck Dean’s cock picking up pace and noticeably taking him deeper into her mouth with each stroke. I had no idea if my wife could deep throat but it was becoming clear that she was going to try. Dean had noticed as well and had begun to gently thrust into her mouth encouraging her the take him in ever deeper. After a time, my wife stopped to recover her breath and looked up to meet Dean’s gaze. She took his hands and brought them down placing them on the back of her head. The meaning was clear.

“You’re sure?” Dean asked.

“Yes, just go slow, ok.”

Dean refreshed his stance stepping out of his shoes and jeans, and kicking them to one side. He also took the opportunity to remove his shirt, so he was now totally naked before both of us. The man was carved like a Greek statue, and my wife beamed a grin looking up from her knees. Dean once again grasped the back of my wife’s head and slowly at first began to face fuck her, gaining speed and depth with each thrust into my wife’s willing throat. She was clearly struggling against the urge to gag. Ultimately, he was just too much for her to take, but she had managed two maybe three full-length strokes before she had to push Dean back with a cough and splutter.

“Wow, not many have taken all of me in like that.” He said to me while my wife recovered herself.

“Don’t know she’s never done that for me,” I said.

A smug smile ran across Dean’s face as he turned back to my wife helping her back onto her feet. He began to unbutton her blouse as she kept one hand stroking him slowly up and down. Moments later my wife was topless, blouse and bra tossed to one side. Dean smiled approvingly at the sight of my wife’s generous large breasts and leaned in to kiss, suck and nibble her firm nipples. A moan left my wife’s lips that I don’t think she was even expecting. She flung her arms around Dean’s head and held him there while he suckled each of her tits in turn. Dean was much taller than my wife and having to stoop down to her was seemly uncomfortable, so he soon straightened back up again.

He took my wife by the shoulders and walked her backward two steps to the edge of the bed. With a light push backward my wife willingly flopped and bounced onto the mattress. Dean reached down a began to remove her jeans. She lifted her wide hips so that they would slide easily over her generous arse. Shoes and jeans discarded she was laid bare, Dean’s massive cock looming over her. Only some small sexy silk lingerie lay between them. Hooking them around his fingers Dean slowly peeled the silken fabric off her pussy. Strands of glistening moister stretched and snapped as Dean teased the soaked panties down her smooth legs and onto the floor. Dean’s eyes widened.

“Hmm, someone’s ready for me.” He murmured.

“Oh god yes” came the reply in a wanting sigh.

It was a sight to behold. My beautiful wife was naked, face and chest flushed red, breathlessly panting on our bed. Her legs spread wide as her freshly shaven pussy, dripped and twitched in anticipation. Again, Dean grinned approvingly.

He kneeled at the bedside tucking his arms under her knees and grasping her at the hips. With one effortless pull, he slid my wife towards him as he lowered his head into her dripping cunt. The relative silence was instantly shattered as loud moans and screams escaped my wife’s lips and resonated about the room. Her back arched as she clawed at the sheets before slamming her arm down hard on the mattress.

“Oh, God. Fuck yes. Yes!” she screamed.

Dean really knew how to eat pussy and soon he had my wife convulsing and tensing with every skillful flick of his tongue. She reached down to hold his head close to her as the wet lapping sounds were only overpowered by her moans for more. Seconds later there was a sudden roar as she clasped Dean’s head tight between her legs.

“Arrrr! I’m cumming, I’m cumming. Mmmm God fuck. Ok ok, stop, stop. STOP!” But Dean was unyielding.

He unashamedly ignored my wife’s breathless moans to stop and continued to lap at her sensitive pussy. It would be usual for my wife to push me away when we are at this point together. She would say that it was just too much after she climaxed and would insist on resting for a moment. But despite her insistence and shoving, she could not push Dean away. A task made even harder because she could not help but shudder and spasm whenever Dean hit the right spot. A few more minutes of half-hearted struggling passed, and with her resistance now broken she surrendered to the inevitable and allowed Dean to have his way with her.

Still sensitive and tender from the large orgasm she just experienced, my wife’s body was now at the command of Dean’s expert tongue. A moan and spasm would follow every purposely timed lick of her pussy. I had moved my seat closer to them so that they were sideways to me. From there I could take in every detail, and expression. My wife reached out a hand towards me. But each time she did her movement was interrupted by a wave of pleasure, and with a moan, her hand would snap back to holding Dean’s head. It was clear Dean was now playing games, and when he gave me a look from between my wife’s thighs there was a moment of understanding.

“Hmm, you alright dear?” I asked her softly.

“Yes it’s so goooo…..” she stammered. Dean not allowing her to finish the words before sending another irresistible shuddering wave through her.

“What?” I asked again, playing along.

“He’s sooooud. Oh!” She blurted clawing at the back of Dean’s head.

“God, I love you.” I said clearly.

“I uv. I, hmmm, I to, OH! Luv, I, Muph!”

Tears collected in her eyes which ran down her cheeks as she failed to piece the words together. I arched myself over slowly to kiss my love. But as I came in for the kiss Dean picked up the pace, which sent my wife into a frenzy of back arching tremors. My wife nearly headbutted me such was her lack of control at that moment. I slumped back into my seat dejected. Dean had now grasped my wife’s flailing arms at the wrists and pulled her down tight into his lapping tongue. All I could do was bring myself to sit and watch as this man brought my wife to yet another shuddering, screaming, climax.

Once her orgasm had subsided Dean rose from his knees. He took one of the towels we had placed to one side and cleaned away the dripping juices off his chin and cheeks. A large patch of wetness had darkened the sheets between my wife’s legs. But she was only semi-aware of the world around her now, as she lay recuperating in the pool of her own juices. She was totally spent, panting fast, eyes closed, as little ripples twitched throughout her body.

Dean turned from the quivering mass that is my wife to face me. While stroking his cock back to its full hardness, he asked.

“Do you want me to use a condom?”

She can’t take anymore I thought to myself. But Dean was looking impatient, I could not answer that question on my wife’s behalf. So, I shrugged and gestured toward her.

“It’s her decision, not mine,” I told him.

Dean briefly looked down at my panting wife and back at me. He smiled, and then he made the decision for us. Still laid motionless on her back he manhandled my wife out of the wet spot and into the center of the bed. So that their heads would both be facing towards where I was sitting at the foot. Crawling onto the mattress Dean knelt between her open legs. A few quick rubs of his cock and he was ready to enter my wife. He was now above my wife’s still twitching body, supporting himself with one hand, and with the other aiming his cock towards her slicken, quivering pussy. It was then my wife opened her eyes, and placed a hand in the middle of Dean’s chest, stopping him.

“Wait, put.….” she said in a weak plea.

Dean moved before she could finish speaking. In a flash, he lurched forward kissing my wife and gagging her mid-sentence with his lips. At the same moment, he thrust his bare cock deep into my wife’s pussy in one fluid motion. My wife flinched and screamed into his kiss causing me to stand, ready to take some fight or flight action. But in those split seconds Dean had my wife pinned under his full weight, and already had three good thrusts into her. I hesitated a moment and could clearly hear my wife’s stifled moans as she screamed into his mouth, and when I saw that she was not fighting to escape, I sat back down.

A few long strokes more and Dean released his gagging kiss. My wife gasped like a diver coming up to the surface, but she could barely take in any air for moaning. Dean continued his long steady rhythm as she struggled to take a breath in. Looking Dean in the face she finally managed to catch enough breath to let out a whipper.


Dean stopped his thrusting instantly and raised himself up onto both arms, so their combined pubic areas could clearly be seen. He held still in this push-up posture with his dick still buried deep inside my wife. Now raising her top half off the bed, hanging, arms wrapped around Dean’s neck. She looked down to see herself seemly involuntarily grinding her pussy into Dean’s hard-on. Minutes passed as my wife moaned with pleasure and gyrated against Dean’s motionless cock. Again, Dean smiled in my direction.

“Well. Stop then” Dean instructed her.

A look of realization rushed across my wife’s face.

“I…I can’t…” she replied guiltily. While still grinding herself against Dean’s dick.

“I’ll help you then.”

Dean began to slowly withdraw his length out from her pussy, inching further away from her attempts to keep him inside of her. As each inch slid out of my wife her moans and thrusts became more desperate. Just before Dean had fully pulled out, she dragged him down on top of her, wrapped her legs around his waist, and pulled him in tight.

“No. In me…please stay in me.” She breathlessly begged, bucking hard against Dean’s dick.

“You want me to fuck you with this big raw cock?” Dean said while locking eyes with me again.

“Yes, fuck me” she moaned.

“Say it. Tell me how much you want big my dick in you. Go on you beg me for it like the good little slut you’re becoming.”

Dean had clearly already broken my wife’s body to his will. It looked like now he was going to break her spirits as well. What happened next was like an integration. Dean would demand she beg for his cock. But when she didn’t, he’d fuck her, and fuck her hard. Not the nice gentle love-making of two lovers but the brutal jackhammering, of two animals in heat. My wife had no reserves of strength to muster, she was a rag doll in his hands. Each round of frantic pounding would be accompanied by one long continuous droning moan from my wife, that only ended when Dean slowed his pace. This continued for what seemed to be hours until my wife’s moans changed in tone. Dean sensed my wife was building towards another big orgasm.

“Say it. Beg for my cock and you ride you till you cum again. If not….” He said as he began to slide out of her pussy.

That was the proverbial last straw, all resistance my wife was previously holding to was swept away like a tide. She began ranting, directed by Dean’s questions she would have said anything.

“Fuck my pussy. Please give me that big fucking dick of yours. She screamed

“That’s my girl. You want this big dick, don’t you?” Dean grinned like a comic supervillain.

“Yes, oh yes fuck it in me.

Dean rewarded my wife’s compliance with a bout of merciless pounding. But would always stop short of letting her cum on his dick.

“Oh no, more please more give me it. Fuck my pussy.” she begged

“Who’s pussy?” Dean asked

“My pussy, fuck meeee.”

“Wrong answer this is my pussy now,” Dean said correcting her.

“Whose pussy is it?” He asked again.

“Yours. It’s your pussy. Now fuck me please” she said almost in total submission.

Once more Dean gave her another bout of brutal fucking for her obedience. My wife’s screams of satisfaction were now audible to passers-by in the street outside. A group of youths taking the piss echoed the moaning back to us as they walk by into the night. I don’t know if it was the embarrassment of that or the shame of her submission to Dean but tears began to roll down her face. Dean pressed on in what now resembled positive reinforcement training.

“You love this big hard dick, don’t you?” Demanded Dean

“Oh. Yes, I love your big dick.” Came to the response with no hesitation. Followed by moans from another of Dean’s rampant fuckings.

“You love what I can do this dick, don’t you?

“God, I love it”. She yelled back. Dean had been building to this point. He knew he had my wife dancing to his song. After yet another round of reward fucking, she was putty in his hands. He looked me dead in the eyes as he asked his next question.

“You love me and my big dick, don’t you?”

Had my wife’s senses not been so dulled by hours of unbelievable, and unforgiving sex she might have answered differently. But in the well fucked and near exhaustion state she was in she answered as instinct directed.

“Yes! I love you and your dick.” In an instant, my wife realized what she had said. She was about to speak again when Dean muffled her with a kiss. He continued to hammer his dick deep into my wife until he was confident that moans and heavy breathing would be the only thing escaping her lips, then he released her. Once again, he turned his gaze to me.

“You hear that. She’s mine now!”

He lowered his head to her ear and whispered making certain I could hear.

“Say it again for your husband, and I’ll fuck you until you pass out cumming.” He picked up the pace.

Deep thrust after deep thrust he edged my wife ever closer to her climax while all the time demanding she says what he wanted to hear. Her breathing was frantic and with the change of tone it her moans I could tell she was getting close.

“Oh God, I’m cumming. I’m fucking cumming. Don’t stop. Fuck me with that dick. Ram it deep.

This was more than Dean could take. He tightened his grip around her in a breeding press, pulling her tight against him. He grunted like an ox as he came, shooting his massive load deep into my dear wife while she came herself. The sensation of Dean’s hot sperm splashing inside her mid-climax must have felt incredible because she began to scream again.

“Oh fuck. Yes, cum in me. Fuck it I love you. Cum in me. I love you; I love you.

They stayed joined unmoving for a while as the afterglows subsided. I sat speechlessly, dumbfounded, and uncontrollably aroused. I could still see tears running down my wife’s face even though she had turned her head to the side. Dean recovered quickly and began to untangle his limbs. He kissed the top of my wife’s head softly.

“I’m going to pull out now,” he said.

There was a long sloppy, slurping sound as Dean pulled out from my wife. She echoed the sound with a long soft moan. Dean wasted no time throwing his clothes on and making ready to leave.

“Well that was amazing. Can’t say I’ve fucked anyone’s wife in front of them before but if you guys want to do this again let me know anytime”.

I escorted Dean down and out of the house our parting frosty. But the instant the front door was closed I ran like a greyhound back upstairs to the bedroom. My wife was there, naked on her back spread-eagle laying in a mix of bodily fluids. Dean’s freshly deposited cum was slowly leaking from her gaping pussy. I gazed as I hastily began undressing, the disturbance making my wife aware of my presence. She turned her head to face me.

“I’m so sorry” she began.

“Don’t! You have absolutely nothing to be sorry for. That was unbelievable.” I quickly replied cutting her short.

“What you doing?” she asked as I shed the last of my clothes.

“What do you think? I’m going to fuck you too.” I said scrambling across the bed, kneeling between her legs.

“Wait I’m still dirty let me clean off first.”

“Don’t you fucking dare.” I barked as I sank my modest penis into her freshly fucked cunt.

With a slurp I was inside her, barely touching, splashing about in Dean’s cum. The warmth and extra wetness are things I instantly took a liking to. Plus, the idea that I was now pushing another man’s cum back into my wife with my own cock frilled me.

“Is this what they call sloppy seconds.” She asked apparently unmoved by having me inside her.

“I’m not sure. But I think we should have Dean back to cum in you a few more times. Don’t you?”

“Hmm yes please” she smiled, and then not for the last time my wife had two different loads of cum inside of her.

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