Sissy Cuckold & Hotwife Make Love to Bull

This caption “Sissy Cuckold & Hotwife Make Love to Bull” includes Sissy Bi-Cuckold Instructions for husbands who are cross-dressing and bisexual and more in touch with their femininity.

Sissy Cuckold & Hotwife Make Love to Bull
Sissy Cuckold & Hotwife Make Love to Bull

“I want to date other guys, but keep you at home (in a pretty dress) so that you fully appreciate what a loved, feminine sissy you are.

Then, when I return home with my date, I want you to watch us make love (to see what you could never give me) and then I want to watch him make love to you, with you in a cute nightie.”

Your wife said this to you. But you should of expected this.

She dates other guys who fuck her better than you. You are emasculated now. Furthermore, you went beyond being a Bi-Cuckold and came to the world of Sissy Cuckolds.

You know that as a beta Boi, you deserve to suck the cock of an alpha male who fucks your wife in a girly dress. Maybe you even deserve to get fucked in the ass as she watches.

You might feel humiliated but you will also feel relieved and got back to yourself.

It is not gay at all. He is just showing you who is alpha here and inserting his dominance. The alpha should mark his territory. Just pure nature.

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