Girlfriend’s Mom Dominating Young Boy 4 – Anal Ejaculation

Girlfriend’s Mom Dominating Young Boy 4 – Anal Ejaculation is another Femdom episode of beta boy Angel gets dominated by Emily’s mother Ms. Anderson.

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Girlfriend’s Mom Dominating Young Boy 4 – Anal Ejaculation

Mike was about to enter his big black cock into Emily’s tight pussy. Angel accepted his role as a virgin Cuckold and was playing with his penis. Ms. Anderson entered the room and asked Angel to let her jerk off this time as he watches.

Angel agreed. He barely disagrees with anything Ms. Anderson or her daughter says to him. Even further he obeyed whatever Mike told him.

Ms. Anderson asked Angel to get into a doggy position so she can milk him in a doggy position. She used some oil to make the sensation better for Angel. But she was playing slowly and sometimes leaving it so Angel will not come sooner than she wants. It became a tease and denial session while watching his girlfriend getting fucked by a black man.

Mike was working hard and fucking Emily fast as Emily was moaning and sometimes screaming. Mike was thrusting so hard in Emily that Angel was thinking that he would been never able to fuck her like that. So maybe it wasn’t a bad idea to let him do all of the work in bed. He was an alpha guy who was making Emily cum at least ten times every time they had sex. And Angel was a good Boi who should just watch, jerk off and lick cum.

At this time Ms. Anderson started massaging Angel’s anus. He was so turned on that he didn’t complain at all. When suddenly Mike started to come in Emily and at the same time Ms. Anderson started fingering Angel with her oily fingers.

Milking Cuckold boy watching GF getting fucked

In that doggy position, she let go of Angel’s penis and only was fingering him hard with two fingers as he started coming. Angel’s penis was coming like a mad penis around and there was no hand to ejaculate it properly. When she finished, she didn’t let Angel touch his penis. He was going crazy. Instead, he ordered to Cleanup Emily’s pussy.

Angel obeyed and licked her pussy with every drop of cum. Then, Ms. Anderson asked him to lick and clean up Mike’s cock. Angel looked at her with an unbelief look.

Ms. Anderson: What? You already licked his cum and that was basically in her pussy so clean it up.

Angel obeyed and took Mike’s cock in his hand. Mike was sitting in the side of the bed and was observing him with a smirk. Angel put that black creampied cock in his mouth and started cleaning it. He never felt this humiliated. And he was trying to get the idea out of his head that this act is gay. He was thinking that this is just another sex act that Ms. Anderson ordered.

When he finished he got back and sat on the sofa next to Ms. Anderson. Angel’s penis became soft again.

Ms. Anderson: good boi. Now that your cock became soft I can put your little penis back to its little cage.

Angel wanted to say something. His penis was still oozing and he felt he didn’t have satisfaction. It felt like there is more cum in his penis. But he couldn’t say anything else and she locks his cock in a Chastity Cage (Cock-Cage).

Ms. Anderson to Mike: This was good. For the next time, you should bring your friend. I guess it is time.

Mike: of course Ms. Anderson.

Angel didn’t ask anything. He understood that he should just go with the flow and obey. Also, he understood what a relationship is when women are in power. He thought that maybe this time two men are going to fuck Emily and he was excited about the idea. But he was not able to get an erection because of the chastity.

Cuckold Watching with Chastity

Next weekend when he went to their house Ms. Anderson opened the door. Instead of Emily or Mike, there was another black guy there. Ms. Anderson introduced him. He looked like a nice guy. Masculine and handsome and as he was shaking Angel’s hand he was looking at Angel’s body from the bottom up. Angel couldn’t understand.

Ms. Anderson: This is Tom and he is going to join us in the bedroom. He is a good friend of Mike. Isn’t he handsome?

Angel: Yeah, sure. I guess he is going to fuck Emily too?

Ms. Anderson (with a smile): No, he is gay and he is going to sit just like me. Now let’s join Emily and Mike.

Mike was already busy with Emily in the bedroom. So without further talking, Ms. Anderson asked Angel and Tom to join them there. They entered the room as Mike and Emily were half-naked and kissing each other. With their entrance, they stopped.

Girlfriend’s Mom Dominating Young Boy 4 – Anal Ejaculation

Ms. Anderson: kids, don’t be shy. You can continue. We all know why we are here.

So they continued kissing each other and Mike took off his pants and his erected cock came out. Before Emily lean into sucking it, Ms. Anderson stopped her and asked Angel to suck it instead.

Angel was shocked again.

Ms. Anderson: Come on. Don’t give me that look. You did it last time. So now just sock it good enough so he can fuck your girlfriend as hard as he can.

Angel was feeling deeply humiliated. In front of everyone, as they were looking at him, he sat on his knees and put the massive cock in his mouth. He wasn’t very good but he was trying his best. At some point, he felt Mike grabbed his head and slightly pushing his head to suck further. He was obeying until he went too far and Angel started gagging on the cock with the help of his hand he pulled himself away from the cock. Angel started coughing a little and stood up.

Ms. Anderson: not bad. Not bad. This was good for the first time. Wasn’t it Tom?

Tom nodded with a smile. Angel couldn’t understand what was happening and was trying to get calm from coughing.

Mike already started fucking Emily in a doggy position. Angel saw that and took off his pants and looked at Ms. Anderson with an expectation to unlock the chastity cage.

Tom: Oh look at that chastity cage. So cute.

Ms. Anderson: no need to unlock you anymore. I guess you can cum without it.

Angel again was looking at her with confusion and disbelief.

Ms. Anderson continued: Last time you came as I was fingering your ass and I thought we can do it again with a little help from the toy that I brought to you.

She looked at her purse and took a small dildo and showed him. She asked him to get into the doggy position again. Angel was too much obedient and confused to complain anymore so he did as she said. She put some oil on the dildo and started massaging and then entering Angel’s anus little by little as he was watching Emily and Mike having sex.

Anal Milking with Dildo

At this point, Emily was on Mike and riding his cock as fast as she can while her tits were bouncing.

Ms. Anderson sometimes was taking the dildo off to put more oil on it and then push the dildo further into Angel’s asshole. Angel couldn’t believe it but he was actually enjoying it a lot. In the beginning, he felt weird that something was entering his rectum and he felt like he needs to poop but actually he had a pleasant feeling. Meanwhile, his penis was dripping pre-cum on the ground.

The Black Beast on little girlfriend - Girlfriend’s Mom Dominating Young Boy 4 – Anal Ejaculation
The Black Beast on little girlfriend – Girlfriend’s Mom Dominating Young Boy 4 – Anal Ejaculation

Mike took Emily with both of his hands and stood up and started moving Emily up and down on his penis. With this position, Angel got excited and his penis was throbbing more in the chastity cage. Ms. Anderson noticed this and started fucking his ass with the dildo even faster until suddenly she stopped.

Ms. Anderson: I got tired, Angel. I will let Tom continue.

Angel was too much into the heat of the moment to say anything just looked as Tom got up and took the dildo from Ms. Anderson’s hand and started fucking Angel with it. Angel felt that he is really close to cum was coming with closed chastity was much difficult than it sounded. But he was feeling that anal fuck was making him ooze from his cock and soon he was going to cum but he felt he needed harder push.

At this moment Mike put Emily on the bed and started fucking her hard as her legs were wide open. This was an exciting moment for Angel too because he knew that he is about to cum on her girlfriend.

Suddenly Angel felt that dildo came out of his ass and Tom was doing something behind him. He looked back and saw that Tom’s pants were off and he was oiling up his big cock and was positioning to push into his ass.

Black Bull fucking cuckold Boy in Chastity While watching Girlfriend - Girlfriend’s Mom Dominating Young Boy 4 – Anal Ejaculation
Black Bull fucking cuckold Boy in Chastity While watching Girlfriend – Girlfriend’s Mom Dominating Young Boy 4 – Anal Ejaculation

Angel didn’t say anything. He was basically unable to think and for some reason just wanted that cock to penetrate him and finish him coming. Tom slowly entered Angel’s ass and started moving in it. His cock was slightly bigger than the dildo but not as massive as Mike’s cock so with a little pressure Angel was able to handle it.

Now Mike was fucking Emily’s pussy harder and harder and Tom was fucking Angel’s ass harder and harder. Angel felt the wonderful feeling that Tom was pushing him to cum. He started oozing from his cock at first and then coming slowly front the red and tight penis that was throbbing inside that cage.

But this was something he never felt before because even though ejaculation was continuing longer than before he was still able to cum more and more.

Suddenly Mike took his cock out of Emily and turned toward Angel as he was getting fucked and pushed his cock into Angel’s mouth. This was obvious that it was Ms. Anderson’s plan.

Mike started coming into Angel’s mouth. It was a lot of cum as always but Angel never felt this warm before as it was coming into his mouth for the first time. Then, Tom started coming into Angel’s ass, and with every thrust, he has emptied his seeds into Angel’s tight ass.

Angel couldn’t believe the position that he was in it. Two cocks were emptying inside him. However, he thought two cocks would empty inside his girlfriend. And he came like never before and without even getting free from his cage.

After they finished Tom and Mike took their cock out. Angel’s penis and ass were aching a lot. But he never felt that he got such a deep orgasm in his entire life.

To be continued….

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