Definition – What is Hidden Cuckold?

Definition – What is Hidden Cuckold? Description of a new term in Femdom and Cuckolding of submissive or slave cuckold with Denial fetish and kinks.

Definition - What is Hidden Cuckold?
Definition – What is Hidden Cuckold?

Definition – What is Hidden Cuckold?

Hidden cuckold is a type cuckolding style were the cuckold husband/boyfriend is not present or hidden from the presence of the Bull during sex session of the bull and cuckold’s wife (Hotwife).

Cuckold couples do this in various types. Here are a list of kinky ways that you can try as well:

  • Cuckold staying in another room and listening to them
  • Hidding in closet (or any other place) and watching
  • Cuckold husband listening through the phone
  • Sex in apartment while the cuckold watches from the window outside
  • Public Sex while the Cuckold watches from distance

Not Ready

There are various reasons and fetishes going around hidden cuckold fantasy. One of the main reasons is that either of the wife, husband or the bull are not ready to the action of hotwife watching by cuckold. Either the wife is shy. Or the bull is not ready to take someone else’s wife in front of him. Also, the cuckold husband may not be ready to digest the whole process yet.


Another common reason is the need of privacy by the wife and her lover. Especially when there is deeper connection than just casual sex with them, they may need privacy and not wanting to see someone jerking off in front of them.

Femdom and Denial

The husband does not need to be a submisse perse but sometimes the kink of not letting your husband watch you can be a bit of Humiliation and turn on for him. Especially if you are into female lead relationships or if you notice her enjoys Erotic Sexual Denial then you can try this option to spice things up.

As a hotwife even if he watched you before to have sex with your bull or various other men, still rejecting him from watching you and letting him guess what is happening based on the voices can be a huge tease and turn on. For sure your husband will jerk off a lot by hearing your voices and moans from the other room.