How to be a Hotwife without Cheating?

How to be a Hotwife without Cheating? This is an article for women who are Hotwife Wannabe or have a Cuck Wannabe husband and want to try some naughty things without going physical with another man. We usually categorize these as Soft Cuckolding / Safe Cuckolding.

How to be a Hotwife without Cheating?
How to be a Hotwife without Cheating?

How to be a Hotwife without Cheating?

Most wives generally want their husband to be loving and caring with a lot of his attention spent on her. She craves the feeling of him wanting her, kissing all over her, and her being the center of his world. But how do you get him to act or feel this way?

Normal traditional thinking would say that all you need to do is show him love and attention and he will reciprocate. Yes, that’s correct and very needed…..but there’s also another side to your husband you may or may not know about. He wants you to be his bad girl!! He wants your inner slut to come out!

Be his classy lady but also his naughty girl. The overall goal is to be a little unpredictable. Say things or do things that aren’t your norm to make him crave to kiss all over you and show you that attention you crave. Here are a few on “How to be a Hotwife without Cheating?”

Wear Revealing

Wear something revealing that you wouldn’t normally wear. Show off your cleavage or your ass…… or both preferably! He thinks you’re hot and he’s going to enjoy you showing off. Having the wife everyone is looking at is a huge turn-on.

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Be Flirtatious

Be a fun flirty tease……Flirt and tease with other men and make sure he knows about it. It’s all in good fun. You may think your husband wouldn’t like this, but you’d be surprised how much it gets his competitive juices flowing. All of the sudden, he feels the need to chase you or pursue you. Yes, it’s true!

Dirty Comments

Make dirty comments when he least expects it. “That guy was kind of hot”….. “I was thinking about another man’s big cock today at work….and I got wet”……. “I wonder what two men at the same time would feel like?”…… “I’d lick her pussy” ….. “I wonder what anal sex feels like”, etc, you get the point. The goal here is to fuck his mind constantly. Once you mention something dirty, his mind is going to take that and run with it. You’ll have his naughty thoughts in overdrive and he’ll be wrapped around your finger.

Introduce Some Taboo Things

Be a little taboo😈!!! Reference some topics that aren’t mainstream. Maybe something that you both can’t tell anyone about because it’s too out there. It builds a really strong bond when you have something that’s your own private secret that no one knows about or would ever guess you two would be into.

Text Dirty

Text him some dirty shit!! Send him naughty/nude pics. Whether it’s of you or some porn pics of something kinky you like or you think he’d like. Men are visual so they need some naughty stimulation to get them fired up sometimes. And If you feel a little slutty doing it, Good!!! You’re his slut……..That’s the way it’s supposed to be😈😃


Buy a toy or two…..or 10(lol). Surprise him with a toy….or recommend he looks for one he’d like to buy for you. Toys are great for adding some creative spice. It will get old and you’ll wear out the hot feeling with it…..then it’s time to buy another!! (One of our first toys what a lifelike cumming dildo. We used it for months and months for some of the most amazing passionate orgasms we’d ever had)

Watch Porn Together

Watch some porn together(or alone and tell him about it😈). Porn is a great way to bond and feel connected while doing something that’s a little taboo. Find something you like or suggest he picks one out. (Our personal favorite is Wifey’s World. She has a guy called “master blaster” that we love watching. He’s super messy💦💦)


Trust is HUGE!! And it goes both ways. He needs to trust you enough to reveal his hidden dark secrets. Likewise, you’ll need to trust him with your most intimate secrets. The good news is revealing things to each other builds trust and makes a stronger bond.

No Overthinking

Quit overthinking it! The tendency may be for you to feel like you’re not enough. You might think you don’t turn him on anymore. Or your mind may wander on why he likes what he likes and think to yourself that you just don’t have what It takes anymore.

You’re enough, I promise you!! Men are just wired weird and we’re all over the place when it comes to sex. We’re dirty perv’s. He doesn’t want another woman if your roleplay another woman in bed with you both. He’s not gay if he wants to fantasize about guiding another guy’s cock in your pussy. He just wants kinky and naughty fantasies….and probably some taboo stuff too. He loves you and wants to share his hidden side with you. Let him share it and enjoy the ride!!

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If you follow some of these tips, that passionate loving husband that can’t keep his hands off of you will come out. Let’s face it, he married you and he wants you to be his wife (most likely forever) He just needs a little coaxing every now and then to remind him he has a sexy vixen that he needs to be kissing all over daily and chasing around the house.

And if you’re thinking, “my husband would never like that” or “he’s way too conservative for any of this”…….YOU’RE WRONG!!! Your husband is a dirty perverted man(I mean that in a good way). He wants excitement and fantasy and everything else that makes for an amazing mind-blowing orgasms. He wants you to be the center of all of his lusty dreams… give it to him!!!! You’ll both be happier for it 👍🏻