11 Types of Hotwives – What type of Hotwife are you?

11 Types of Hotwives – What type of Hotwife are you? Solo, Cuckoldress, Vixen, Mistress, Submissive, Slutwife, Whorewife, Cheating wife, Polyamory, and Swinger are the main types we are going to talk about.

11 Types of Hotwives - What type of Hotwife are you
11 Types of Hotwives – What type of Hotwife are you?

Depending on who you ask, the term “Hotwife” will probably be explained a little differently by each person, and that is OK. Thankfully there are not lifestyle police enforcing strict definitions. We all have a bit of flexibility to choose our own preferred personal version of this sexy lifestyle.

The simplest definition for the term hotwife is usually a married woman who engages in sexual relationships outside her marriage with her husband’s consent. Yes, consent is a big part of the hotwife lifestyle. Each hotwife has talked with her husband, and he has given his consent for this arrangement. There are a few different kink options that can go hand in hand with hotwifing, and sometimes people can get these mixed up and confused. [1]

We are going to explore different types of hotwives and every term associated or close to this lifestyle in this article.

Solo Hotwife

A good first decision is whether you will be a solo hotwife or is your husband going to be present during the sex and if he is, will he also be involved. Some hotwives only play when their husband is also present, so these couples only do threesomes, or wife swapping or the husband may just like to watch.

Other hotwives prefer to go out to clubs and bars alone to hook up while their husband stays at home. There are two reasons for a setup like this. The first is the couple share a kink where they both get off on her going out solo to have sex with someone else, him consenting to it and being excited by it, and when she comes home to tell him all about it, and he is turned on by her descriptions they may have some playtime of their own.

The second reason is that they have more of an open relationship. They are both secure enough in their relationship and respect each other’s sexual desires and needs and encourage them to also explore them with other people. It could be a similar situation with him being able to meet other women or maybe not. If you do prefer solo play, click here for some tips to keep you safe while hotwifing. [1]

Cuckoldress: Cuckolding Hotwife

Cuckolding is what comes to mind for many people when they think about hotwifing, and a lot of times, it comes with negative connotations. Cuckolding will involve one Bull or more, a bull being a single alpha male type who engages as the other man with a hotwife. The bull or bulls will have sex with the hotwife either with her alone or in front of her husband.

If alone, many cuckolds get off on the disrespect element and the thought of a big alpha male providing his wife with something he can’t. She may also insult him and mock him when she gets home about how much better her bull was and provide him with details as a form of masochistic punishment on his part.

If the Cuckold husband is present, he will have to watch his wife and her bull have sex without him while they sometimes degrade and humiliate him for being lesser of a man. Sometimes they may even demand he performs demeaning sexual favors. This is all consented to, of course, and is a kink that all involved enjoy. It is not for everyone, but if you like it, go for it.

Men who enjoy cuckolding can be looked down upon by society occasionally for being male and enjoying a submissive role which is a huge double standard considering it is lauded as a positive and desirable kink for a lot of women to have. Very often, cuckolding and submissive kinks are pure escapism for men with stressful jobs who are normally the breadwinners and heads of their families. As a result, they enjoy the role reversal of being told what to do and not being the one relied on to make decisions. [1]


A Vixen and Stag couple is almost the exact opposite of the cuckolding power dynamic. The Stag (the male in the relationship) is not submissive and considers himself an alpha male. New bulls to the lifestyle who don’t make an effort to discuss things with their couple first can make the mistake of thinking all hotwife arrangements are cuckold ones. You do not want to insult a Stag by trying to take on a superior role to him.

Single men that want to be a Buck for a Stag & Vixen threesome accept that their position to the couple will always come below the Stag regardless if playing in a threesome or solo with the Vixen. The couple views the Buck’s relationship with the Vixen as a sexy bonus and nowhere close to the bond that they share in their relationship. The Buck always plays second fiddle to her husband in these relationships. [1]

Submissive Hotwife

Normal wife who does cucking purely for dominant hubby’s voyeurism. This type of hotwiving may seem close to vixen and stag. However, husband/boyfriend orders her to have sex as he enjoys.

This can include tying her up for surprise sex with a man or letting a bunch of guys uses and abuse her in a gangbang as he watches.

In this lifestyle, the couple may already enjoy some sort of BDSM sex life. So as other men enter their sex life they will become the masters of the wife as well. Obviously, the wife has no sex outside the husband’s orders. The husband enjoys as other men abuse his wife too.

Queen of Spades

Almost exactly identical to the cuckoldress variant except that the woman will only sleep with black men. In cuckolding lifestyle on the internet there is a huge focus on black men and especially their big black cocks (BBC). Obviously, this creates a special type of hotwife who only sleeps with black men and the only white cock they may get is their husband’s.

Mistress Hotwife

In this lifestyle, the woman is dominant in relationships or at least in sex life. She is interested in Femdom sexuality.

She doms the submissive cuck, plays mind games, teases, and denies him about her escapades. Very alluring, seductress ..Dressed to kill.
She may use different types of Humiliation techniques both Verbal and in sex life. This may seem similar to a normal cuckoldress however here the woman intentionally humiliates and uses Erotic Sexual Denial.

Without the bull, she may get into putting her husband in chastity, Edging, ruined orgasm, Pegging him with strapon, or feminizing him to become a Sissy by making him wear panties or other girly clothes towards total feminization.

If she invites a bull she may include actions such as tying him to a chair while watching, putting him in chastity while watching, making him Cleanup other men’s cum, or other types of Cum Feeding, forcing him to suck their cuck or get anal penetration by them, etc.


This hotwife is an easy slut lay for anyone to get into her pants. Gives it up easily to hot guys. And she loves the male attention.

This is another variant of the standards hotwife relationship where the only major difference is that the male generally has no say in who the woman sleeps with or enjoys that she is a total slut. Usually, the whole relationship dynamic is based on that she will continue her slut lifestyle. She still has sex with the stag and lets him see her naked; however, he doesn’t get to have a say in who she flirts and has sex with. Alternatively in some Slutwife relationships, the woman is not even required to tell the stag who she slept with.

This lifestyle can happen gradually as the appetite for sex grow in hotwife or as husband/boyfriend encourages her to sleep with more men.

On the other hand, it can happen at the beginning of the relationship as she puts this as a ground rule for their relationship for him to accept. That she already has a slutlife and he just accepts it to start the relationship or to marry her. If he is into this kink then both will be very lucky and they will have lots of adventures.

This lifestyle can have an exposed cuckold where everyone knows that the man lets his wife/girlfriend sleeps with others. And also they may have group sex parties, gangbang parties and she will happen multiple bulls to have double penetration.

Whore Hotwife

This is an extreme version of the hotwife/cuckoldress lifestyle that very rare men may accept. She is or becomes a pornstar, stripper, call girl; and has a submissive cuck hubby, who is very understanding and does not have a say in her professional activities.

Just like other cuckolds, her husband/boyfriend enjoys her sex stories or the attention she gets from other men. Except everyone knows about her job and he is openly a cuckold. This may be considered one of the ultimate cuckold lifestyles.

Swinging/Wife Swapping

Swinging is generally couples having fun with other couples. They find each other attractive and, as the name suggests swap spouses for sexy fun. They may also practice group sex, and this can become a regular occurrence between some couples, and as a result, they sometimes develop trust and bonds, and everyone’s sex life is improved as a result considering it offers some variety.

Some hotwives like to play the part of a single unicorn (aka unattached single lady) and attend swinging parties so they can enjoy group sex or gangbangs. [1]

Polyamory Hotwife / Open Relationship

If you are involved with an open relationship, it is debatable whether this would be considered one of the types of hotwives, but we won’t tell anyone. Open relationships can be sexual, but they tend to also have the possibility of something more developing.

Swinging and hotwifing generally concentrate on sex with a third person, and they go home with their own partner at the end of the night. Open relationships often are more about exploring other partners outside your relationship, possibly on a deeper, more romantic level. [1]

This may seem similar to the other types but the main difference is the wife actually has a boyfriend (Bullfriend or Wife’s Boyfriend). So the wife has a normal life with two men; hubby may play a second fiddle to boyfriend in most things.

This may be applied in separate places or under the same roof depending on their arrangements. It also can get more serious to pregnancy by the boyfriend instead of the husband and a gray marriage which both may be considered as the ultimate cuckold lifestyles.

In some Bi-Cuckold and hotwife or Sissy and hotwife relationships, the husband may have sex with the bull or have a separate boyfriend if they are interested. As you can see this type of relationship has the capacity for infinite types depending on the people involved.

Cheating Wife

This scenario may seem out of the types of hotwives. As it is obvious from its name there is no consent or no clear consent between the couple. Many may consider a cheating wife/girlfriend, not a hotwife but this is the beginning for some of the couples.

There are some situations where the wife has an affair with sex or a relationship but doesn’t want to end and instead wants to make the husband accept it. So in this case she tries to convince the husband to become a cuckold and keep him as faithful as possible. She may not be into swinging to witness her man with another woman but because of her kinks or not getting satisfied enough, she may get into this lifestyle.

Various scenarios may happen. She may get rejected and the relationship will end. Or if she is dominant enough in the relationship their relationship may continue as she makes him release that she is cheating. He may become an Oblivious Cuckold on purpose because his pride or fear of losing her doesn’t let him accept that he is obviously a cuckold. Or he may accept his role submissively.

I don’t recommend this option but I’m adding this as an observation from the various chats that I had with different couples. The best way is always to consent about these things before getting into it. You can also try Soft Cuckolding / Safe Cuckolding techniques if either of you is not sure about your position in this lifestyle.

You Decide!

When exploring the lifestyle scene, you will probably come across many different setups and arrangements. Considering it’s just a label that can cover so many different kinks, the best practice is to discuss everyone’s boundaries and limits because everyone will have different preferences.

If you are considering becoming a hotwife, the shortlist of dynamics we’ve mentioned are just the most common ones. If you and your husband want to go down the avenue of you being sexual with other men, it is up to you both to come up with what works for you and your relationship. It might be something completely different from anything we’ve described, but thankfully you aren’t limited, so enjoy the flexibility. Be as creative as you like with your hotwife choice. [1]


[1] Swingers Help: https://swingershelp.com/choosing-your-own-hotwife-path/

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